No one wants to deal with a sewer back-up in their home or business. Dealing with a sewer back-up can be expensive, off-putting, and a big time-sink. Thankfully, avoiding this messy and smelly problem is often very simple. Use these four sewer back-up prevention tips to avoid ever dealing with sewage on your property.

(Please note: if you’re currently dealing with a backed up sewer line, stop reading and call immediately! Our team offers backed-up sewer repairs in Pleasant Hill, Concord, Walnut Creek and more, so help is never far away.)

1. Use Drain Traps

Most sewer back-up prevention tips are about avoiding creating a sewer clog. As most clogs are partly composed of hair, the simplest way to prevent them is to stop hair from going down the drain. Drain traps are small screens that catch hair before it is washed away. We recommend you use a drain trap on every shower drain, bathroom sink and your kitchen sink. The kitchen drain can catch chunks of food that aren’t supposed to go down the drain.

If you find that the drain traps make the water drain too slowly, you can leave the off most of the time and only put them on for high-hair activities, like washing your dog or shaving. You’ll still minimize the chances that the hair will contribute to a clog.

2. Don’t Put Grease Down Your Drains

This is the best way to avoid a sewer back-up and also the hardest for homeowners to commit to. We get it, it is very tempting to simply pour grease, fats and oils down the kitchen sink. However, these materials can combine with other debris and solidify into a clog. If they do so in your sewer lateral, they can create a sewer back-up. Ideally, you’d collect grease and oil in a disposable container and throw it out with the trash.

If it helps, you can think of your grease collecting as a culinary adventure. If you cook with bacon in the morning, you can use the grease as cooking oil for dinner that night. Bacon grease adds great flavor to a wide range of dishes, including steaks, pasta and fried vegetables.

3. Contact Your Municipality

Not all sewer back-ups are your fault. Some people keep their sewers in pristine condition, only for the sewer main to fail. That’s the city’s fault, but it will still make a mess, damage your property and interfere with your life. To avoid this hassle, find out what the condition of the sewers is near your home. Municipalities keep records on the last time sewers were maintained and upgraded. If yours have been neglected, pressuring your city to take care of them can save you trouble down the road.

4. Get Professional Inspections

You can also avoid sewer messes by discovering clogs and partial before they cause a back-up. Ask professionals to use a sewer scope to check out the condition of your drains and sewer once every few years. If they find a clog, it’ll be much cheaper to fix it now than later when it has caused a back-up. Plus, you sewer professionals may also have more personalized tips about how you can keep your specific sewers in better condition.

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