Sewer Repair in Alamo

Is your sewer causing you trouble? Backed up drains, bad smells, and leaks in your yard are all signs you need some sewer work. We offer sewer repair in Alamo that will make all of those problems go away, without a huge hassle. Trenchless sewer repair is a straightforward method or sewer replacement or repair that doesn’t require nearly as much digging.

Start with a Fast Sewer Inspection

If you think something might be wrong with your sewers, it’s simple to find out if you’re right. We conduct professional, fast sewer inspections and don’t need to dig up your lawn to do it.

Instead, we use high-definition cameras on sewer snakes, so that we can see the sewers with our own eyes and determine what the problem is. We can tell you whether you have a clog or leak and whether the city’s part of the sewer is the problem. In Alamo, we often find these problems:

  • Tree roots that have filled or collapsed the sewer line
  • Sewer bellies and bowing, caused by poor installation
  • Old sewer pipes that have simply given up
  • Clogs formed by sewer waste over time
  • Small fractures, especially around the sewer joints.

What Will Sewer Replacement in Alamo Cost?

We understand. No one plans to replace their sewer. Plus, it’s often a big cost. It’s probably important for you to figure out exactly how much your replacement will cost as soon as possible, which is why we get that knowledge to you as soon as we can, with an honest, free estimate.

We wish we could give you cost information right now, but it’s impossible to be accurate without doing a sewer inspection. Though, we can tell you which factors affect the cost:

  • Sewer depth
  • Sewer length
  • Type of soil around the sewer
  • How easy it is to access the sewer
  • Overall sewer condition
  • How close the sewer is to your driveway, sidewalk and utility lines

When you get your free estimate, we can explain how each of these factors affected the total cost of your sewer replacement or repair.

What Should I Expect from Trenchless Sewer Replacement?

If you’ve seen a sewer replacement before, you will be impressed with our trenchless method. Instead of digging up the whole length of your sewer, all we need to do is dig two small access holes at either end of the part of the sewer we need to fix. We use specialized pneumatic equipment to push out the old pipe and pull the new pipe into place. Then we fill in the two small holes, repair any grass we had to move, and we’re done.

The result is a fast, simple sewer fix that doesn’t ruin your whole yard. For you, that means less stress and fewer disturbances around your home for your family.

Reach Out Today

It’s always best to reach out to the sewer professionals before you pay for a clog the city might have caused, buy a home that might have sewer problems, or let an existing sewer leak get worse. If you think you might need sewer repair in Alamo, reach out to us today.

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